Ban Appealment

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[1.] What is your username?

[2.] What server were you banned from?
- Vanilla

[3.] Why were you banned?
Racial Slurs

[4.] Why should your ban be removed or shortened?
I know it will sound hollow or fake, but the time spent on your vanilla server on my account was being used by my cousin(Zach). I was in college and he asked to use it so he could play with my younger brother. I'm out of college now and wanted to play on the server for myself with some newly joined friends of mine. Although I see the account has been banned, I take full responsibility for his actions and do apologize for whatever disrespect he displayed on your server and ask for a one time forgiveness.

[5.] Do you think that the ban was justified? Why or Why Not?
Honestly, yes. He may joke around using the foul language in his daily life, but when a server has guidelines and they are crossed with malicious intent; then no matter what the rules be, consequences must be given.

[6.] Have you ever been banned before on one of our servers? If So, Why were you banned?
Not to my knowledge, I believe only this once.

[7.] Do you regret anything you did that got you banned? Why or Why not?

Yes, I regret expecting Zach to use my account appropriately, and regret that his foolish decisions have gotten me banned from a server I intended to play on. I regret allowing him to have access to my account, and thus have since changed my password and denied him any access to it.
Posted Dec 23, 18 · OP
Due to you seeming to be truthful, and remorseful, I will unban you. I hope you truly mean the message you wrote and won't continue the actions of your cousin.

We like to give most people the benefit of the doubt and realize people make mistakes.

But we don't unban twice.

Thank you for your appeal.
You may rejoin the server.

- PureLove
Network Owner
Posted Dec 23, 18
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