Application Terms:
So you've been banned from one of our servers and want to be unbanned? Well This is the place to do that
We try to make all Punishments fair, So this is also the place to go if you feel like your ban was unfair or unjust but keep in mind we keep proof of every ban and we don't ban without it so just keep that in mind.

For Vanilla Appeals: Keep in mind that Vanilla minecraft does not have a Temp-ban system, So we normally just ban people and those who appeal we either shorten the ban or remove it based on offenses.

Copy the questions and make your own thread- Replying here will result in you remaining banned.

Application Questions:

[1.] What is your username?

[2.] What server were you banned from?
- Vanilla
- Skyblock
- Modded

[3.] Why were you banned?

[4.] Why should your ban be removed or shortened?

[5.] Do you think that the ban was justified? Why or Why Not?

[6.] Have you ever been banned before on one of our servers? If So, Why were you banned?

[7.] Do you regret anything you did that got you banned? Why or Why not?